Wednesday, 22 October 2014

You’re no better off, living your life and dreaming at night

Last weekend was probably the last nice and warm weather that we'll have till spring time and I obviously tried to use it to the fullest. There were a lot of eerie forest walks, picnicing in the park and longboarding. And the sountrack for all that is still mostly Allah-las as I've seen them play live over a week ago plus they bring back a lot of good memories every time I listen to their music. The gig was truly amazing and they're the nicest guys. I really hope I'll have a chance to see them live again! Preferably soon!
Today's look is all about one of my favourte dresses I've bought at Urban Outfitters. I just love the different patterns on the top and the bottom, plus it's got a collar, which makes it even more perfect. Living just right next to UO is on one hand really lovely, but on the other it's mostly too big a temptation not to go in and buy something:)

And a couple of photos from the Allah-las concert

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

All I have to say to you
is anything you want me to

Some of you, who follow my Instagram account, might already have seen that I longboard quite a lot for almost a year now. If you don't, here's one of those rare occasions when I'm doing a post with my board and here's a picture of me being as sporty as I can get. The reason for all this is mainly the fact that a small Polish designing company called Sashka offered me one of their t-shirts and their current campaign involved girls on longboards, so I felt almost obliged to do a post with it;) Next time, it will probably be back to my usual self.
On another note, Allah-las (one of my favourite bands) will perform in Brussels this Friday! They play this kind of perfect road trip music and I listen to them almost obsessively. I am beyond excited to see them this soon!

P.S. I hope you like the new header, I really got bored of the previous one, so decided to change it for something simpler;)

Here's a little video promoting Sashka's tees :)

T-shirt - Sashka
Shorts - River Island
Shoes - Converse