Monday, 28 November 2011

Autumn Daze

After a long long time of blogging hiatus I’ve finally managed to find some time and write a new post! I actually have three outfits photographed, so I might update the blog more often from now on. I recently got this pretty red dress from Romwe and I totally fell in love with it. It just feels perfect for the festive season coming soon and I immediately thought of the faux fur stole I’ve had hidden in my closet and hardly ever wore: they really look great together. As for the jewellery, you might already know that I really adore vintage or vintage inspired one and if it’s handmade I appreciate it even more. That is why when a brand called Gogo Philip offered me a couple of samples, I couldn’t be more happy. Gogo Philip was created by Georgi Philip Peckinov, Milanese jewellery entrepreneur, and is handcrafted in Italy. They make vintage luxe costume jewellery, which is very affordable and so pretty <3 Amongs other places you can find it in Topshop Oxford Street and at

Dress - Romwe
Faux Fur Stole - TJ Hughes
Shoes - thrifted
Jewellery - Gogo Philip
Clutch - Primark

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Willow Garden

I’ve recenty had a chance to meet up with Ewa from again. We went for a little walk to the botanical garden near my flat. The weather was really lovely and warm, which is a weird coincidence, because everytime I meet up with Ewa, the weather seems to be warmer than it is in the preceding days – we have to try that one out during winter! ;)

Photos taken by Ewa

Cardigan & wedges - New Look

Skirt - H&M

Shirt -

Bag - vintage

Also I’ve recently been looking for some cheap body jewelry online, I was specifically looking for belly button rings as I got bored of the ones I already have. I’ve found these pretty little horses and I totally fell in love! Aren’t they cute?