Tuesday, 27 September 2011


The time's come for the outfits number five and six of my style challenge with Siren! I had to publish them together as I didn't have a time for a post in the last couple of days. In the first one I wanted to show you a different side of my lovely little fairy dress and so the outfit turned out a bit school-girly. As for the second look, it was pretty simple with the sailor blouse, because it's so so versatile and it basically suits almost all of my clothes.
I'll soon post the last look from the challenge:)

Outfit 1
Dress, Blazer - Siren
Bag - Reserved
Shoes - Modcloth
Headscarf - New Look
Outfit 2
Blouse, Bag - Siren
Trousers - New Look

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Face in the Crowd

It’s day 4 in the Siren seven day challenge, so it was time to get back to one of the 'base' clothes, which is a leopard print dress. I basically wanted to work around it in a slightly different colour palette than in the last outfit, hence the black over the knee socks, shoes and beige cardigan. Speaking of the cardigan, I think it’s one of the sweetest garments I own! Its tulle heart-shaped pockets little ribbon bows and bow-shaped buttons make me love it so much!

On another note, thanks to Miasto Kobiet magazine and portal I’ve recently had a chance to take part in a fashion show of a new brand shop called Né Comme Ça. It was taking place in a very industrial and post-factory buildings, which was very impressive and I loved the atmosphere it added to the whole event! The collection was really lovely: clean cuts and shapes, simple colours along with models red lips looked amazing. Here’s a little collage of the looks I like the most:

Dress & cardigan – Siren

Shoes – Peacocks

Bag - Reserved

Friday, 16 September 2011

Endless Blue

So here is my 3rd day outfit of the Siren seven day challenge! The blouse was an obvious choice for me because of my love for pretty collars and sailor style clothes ♥ I can’t get enough of wearing it and although summer’s ending soon I think I’ll still wear it during autumn and winter under jumpers! As for the skirt I’ve made is myself and I’ve already shown it to you a couple of times if I remember well:)

Blouse – Siren

Skirt – Self-made

Shoes – TJ Hughes

Necklace – H&M (used to be baby pink but I’ve painted it red)

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Still Life

Here’s my day 2 in the Siren style challenge I started in the last post a couple of days ago! This time I’m wearing this beautiful tulle dress! I love how the top is of crochet lace and the bottom part of pieces of tulle and cotton. Honestly, this dress made me feel like a fairy, hence the photos of me swirling:D Also it meant I had to wear my flower crown
On another note, I now have a major music crush on The Horrors! Their new album is genius, especially songs like Still Life (first single from Skying) and Endless Blue. I just can't stop listening to it and I want to buy all of their records

Dress – Siren
Bag – My mom’s
Flower Crown – Feel like a Doll
Shoes - Primark
Socks – New Look

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sleep away and dream a dream
Life is just a lullaby

A couple of weeks ago Siren offered me a chance to collaborate with them once again, which I was/am thrilled about, so it’s time to start another 7 day challenge! I’ll be updating my blog at least 2 times a week for the coming month and I hope you’ll enjoy the frequency! I was really happy that the weather was still really lovely and warm when I received my Siren clothes as it gave me a chance to make these outfits more summery. I really like the juxtaposition of leopard print and red, so in this first look I wanted to try that out:)

Dress – Siren

Shoes – TJ Hughes

Bow headband – Dorothy Perkins

Bag - Reserved

Necklace - ALittleDot