Sunday, 24 July 2011

Beauty lies inside desire and every wayward heart redeemed

Today’s photos were taken by lovely Ewa from They turned out really pretty so thanks so much Ewa!;)
The outfit was inspired by Chloe’s ballerina SS’11 collection which is so stunning! The pretty jewellery is from Romwe and as you can see I really love pieces that are representing animals. My recent obsession are rocking horse (and horse) necklaces and brooches…I’ve already got quite a few and they pose a serious threat to my collection of owl necklaces:D

Skirt, necklace and ring - Romwe
Body - Dorothy Perkins
Bag - vintage
Shoes - ModCloth

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien

I know that it’s been awhile since I’ve last updated my blog, but I’ve been pretty busy recently. Hopefully it’ll get better in the coming weeks! Today’s outfit was put together for an open air cinema event that took place on the roof of one of the shopping centres in Wroclaw. I went to see La môme, which I really am stunned by as it was extraordinary in every sense, especially when it comes to photos, music and Marion Cotilliard’s acting I was wearing a vintage blouse I got from my grandma, lovely shoes which I recently got courtesy of JazzyWear (Jazzma – the founder of the shop – is just starting her shop up, but it’s so promising that it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on!) and a beautiful necklace which I got from Suparat – a founder and creator behind A Little Dot etsy shop. You should definitely check the shop out as it’s got so many minimal and pretty pieces of jewellery, which I find quite inspiring and innovative

Shirt – vintage

Trousers – New Look

Shoes – JazzyWear

Necklace – A Little Dot