Friday, 24 September 2010

Across the Avenue

Yesterday I've had a chance to meet Dagmara a lovely blogger girl who lives in the same city as I do. It was such a lovely meeting and I was really happy to meet her again! Although she didn't have too much time (the joys of high school;) we've managed to take a couple of photos of each other's outfits. Here's what I wore yesterday and you can check Dagmara's outfit out on her blog here
On the music note I can't stop listening to Howling Bells recently! I've fell in love with them when they were supporting Placebo's concert around 4 years ago and that's mainly because of the fact that they're brilliant live!

Wczoraj miałam okazję spotkać się z Dagmarą, o której już wspominałam przy okazji Letniej Akademii Mody i Stylizacji i która zamieszkuje (póki co) to samo miasto co ja:D Spotkanie bardzo się udało mimo dość małej ilości czasu jakim dysponowała ... kilka zdjęć zdążyłyśmy sobie zrobić i oto efekty, żeby zobaczyć zestaw Dagmary klik TUTAJ

Shirt - thrifted
Skirt - Orsay
Bag - Primark
Watch necklace - Reserved
Shoes - thrifted

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Last days of summer

Here's a little outfit from a wedding I've been to about three weeks ago. Looking at these photos makes me already miss summer and although autumn lets you be more creative with your outfits I want summer and warmth again! On the other hand, I'm so in love with all the chunky knits and blazers that it makes me accept the current weather, well, kind of;D What is worth mentioning outfitwise is the floral crown I've bought from Laia. She's got her own lovely little shop called Feel like a Doll and I just love all the items she makes I've instantly fell in love with this cute crown the moment I've seen it and this occasion gave me the chance to wear it for the first time
Also, being quite busy recently I wasn't able to visit your blogs, but you can be sure I will make up for it very soon!

Zestaw weselny sprzed około 3 tygodni. Na szczególną uwagę zasługuje tu 'korona' kwiatowa kupiona od Laia, która sprzedaje swoje wyroby w małym internetowym sklepiku o nazwie Feel like a Doll i w której się zakochałam jak tylko ją zobaczyłam!

Dress - H&M
Shoes & Clutch - Primark
Floral Crown - Feel like a Doll

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Honey Market

On Sunday I’ve had a chance to visit International Bee Workshops that took place in my hometown. It was basically kind of a market where honey and all bee related products where being sold. All of it smelled so delicious I got hungry the moment I entered the place. Doughnuts and sweet buns with honey were especially amazing ♥ I’ve also bought an angel candle made from bee wax, which has got an amazing smell as well, makes me want to eat it actually;D Here are some photos I’ve taken during that event and my outfit of course;)

Poncho/cape - H&M
Shoes - Vintage
Bag & Owl necklace - Primark
Bow headband - Dorothy Perkins