Saturday, 28 February 2009

You know we miss her, We miss her picture...

I've had a chance to get some more professional photos taken, thanks to a friend, who came to Scotland for a couple of weeks. All of these were taken during a walk beside the sea, so it actually was fun ... I was a bit stressed at first, because it was my debut in posing for pictures for someone else, but seeing her approach, I relaxed immediately. This talented girl's name is Monika Hoffmann and you can check more of her photographs out on the website:

There will be more pictures taken by her in the upcoming posts, because it didn't end on one photoshoot ;))

Skirt - Self-made
Short-sleeved Jumper - Dorothy Perkins
Leggings - New Look
Gladiator Sandals - Peacocks
Necklaces - H&M
Pearl Necklaces - Atmosphere

Monday, 23 February 2009

Feel the atmosphere, it's gently laced with nicotine and spice

I've loved lacy tights for quite some time now, but I suppose because they're not so easy to wear for me I was leaving them out ... lying in the drawer. I've bought them about a year ago, partly inspired by Gossip Girl's Blair, but I've only worn them twice or so. But recently I've tried them with a couple of outfits and this the result ... actually this is the first set that I've come up with. I might post some other outfits with them, but not necessarily ;D

I think I'll deal with my must-haves for spring-summer in the next post, but I'll have to write everything down and get rid of unnecessary stuff ;) I also want to do a tag about my favourite albums, which might take some time as well ...

Also, I have recently been tagged by a couple of lovely ladies, but I will deal with that in the next post, as I don't have too much time just now. Thank you sweeties :*

Dress - Internacionale
Top - Warehouse
Belt - Atmosphere
Tights - TK Maxx
Shoes - Atmosphere
Necklace & Ring - H&M

Thursday, 19 February 2009

I would never wear anything that's green!

And finally, this is the 3rd carnival party outfit for the earlier mentioned competition ... I think that's enough, although if I come up with any other ideas I'll post them as well.
The dress that I'm wearing is my only garment in green, I think it kind of suits me, but it's definitely not my colour. The same is with yellow and orange, they are so not me, that I don't even look in the direction of clothes in those colour.
Anyway, the weather starts to get better everyday, it feels a little bit like spring now, and I really hope winter won't come back. I really can't wait going out and having some pictures taken outside...

Dress - Atmosphere
Wet Look Leggings - New Look
Gladiator Sandals - Atmosphere
Belt - Topshop
Golden Chains - Dorothy Perkins

Monday, 16 February 2009

Join the Masquerade

The reason for this outfit is the same competition that I've mentioned in the previous post. I love love sequins and I think they're an ideal option for a party...especially now that it's carnival time. I used to consider sequined clothes a strict eveningswear, but I'm planning to include some sequins into my daytime looks. I've got another dress, similar to this one, but with smaller sequins, which I want to wear with, for example, chunky cardigans during daytime...I think it will be fun ;D
Coming back to the outfit, I've bought that cat mask on the children's department in BHs and it cost me only 50 p! I just couldn't leave it there ... it can be useful for parties ;D

Dress - no name
Gladiator Sandals - Peacocks
Cat Mask - Tammy at BHs

Oh! And by the way .... I want this bow from Topshop so bad and it's sold out ... have anyone seen it anywhere? or a similar one in another shop?

Friday, 13 February 2009

Flounces, Flounces Everywhere

Edit: Valetine's Day update :***
Short-Sleeved Jumper with a Bow - Dorothy Perkins
Skirt - Self-made

Ruffles, frills, and bows are definitely my thing and because the dress has one of those things, I've chosen it to create this outfit for a competition on a Polish website called Stylio. The competition is about creating a set of clothes for a carnival party or a ball. This is my first attempt and I can enter as many outfits as I want. The closing date is the 2nd March, so I've got plenty of time! By the way, my favourite kind of a party is a house party, and I guess my friends got used to the fact that I experiment with clothes and mix the looks and their purpose situations ... that's why they probably wouldn't be too surprised if I turned up at a small house party looking like this;))))
More party outfits that I'll enter into that competition will be coming soon...

Dress - Atmosphere
Jacket - TK Max
Gladiator - Peacocks

Monday, 9 February 2009

Teaparty in the Garden

Finally, I've managed to go out and take some pictures. I went to see our communal garden (we share it with 7 of our neighbors) for the first time and I think that it can be a good place to have my photos taken, when I don't feel like going anywhere further. I'll just have to work on an angle etc. It was quite cold and as you can see there are some snow remains behind me, so I had to be quite quick with taking all the pictures without the coat;)) I can't wait till it's spring ... I'll probably have more photos taken outside :)

Dress - Atmosphere
Pearl Necklaces - Topshop
Gladiator Sandals - Peacocks
Headband - Topshop